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Lead Tracking

Firstly, you need to find out who are your visitors. You should follow not only the main number of visitors, but also the number of unique visitors. This is even more important when we talk about selling traffic. You also need to check which search engines and sites are referring visitors to your website most often. That will show you what you need to focus on to make some improvements. 

Another important things are personalized URLs. You need to use tracking URLs specific to every landing page to receive more details about sources of your traffic in statistics. That will also help you, during the analysis of your traffic sources. You should make some comparison which tells you what type of advertising  generates you the best commissions.  It can be banners, iframe forms or  mailing creatives. What converts the best on your websites? This is your goal to check it and choose the best option.  
Last thing which is important in lead generation is uncomplicated form. No one likes to fill dozens of fields with information, which he guess aren’t really needed. That’s why every form need to contain only the most necessary fields. When there is too many information gathered, people get annoyed and fail to complete the form. 
This information should help you know better how lead tracking works. You need to focus on both views – customer and website designer. The better quality leads are, the higher commissions you can get for them. Lead tracking and analyzing data is the key to effective and profitable lead monetization.