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Mobile revolution - Google algorithm update

The company changed its algorithm for mobile search results. Now emphasis on mobile usage is stronger that ever before. 

According to CNN research, at the beginning of 2014 usage of smartphones overtook Personal Computers usage.  Research was made in United States.
When we realize that people use smartphones to surf on Internet more often that PC, it’s clear that global companies need to prepare to progressive changes. 
In search results Google starts to favor sites, which are mobile friendly. They will be ranked higher than sites which are adapted only for computers. 
Google has been recommending sites adaptation to mobile phones for years so it wasn’t a big surprise for webmasters. Many of them were optimizing their content for mobiles for a long time. 
Google is trying to help webmasters deal with new changes. The company offers help with testing tools and mobile usability reports.  You can test your website by entering your URL and if your website fails the test, you can quickly find out what goes wrong here.  Google will tell you what you need to fix. 
As you can see, Google doesn’t create anything difficult and didn’t want to complicate webmasters' job. The company is just following the changing technology and tries to help webmasters to reach out to the growing number of mobile users.