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The changing definition of SEO

The main goal of every online business is to bring to your website as many visitors interested is product or service as possible. SEO can be the main way to increase your traffic. You should find out what are the needs of your potential customer. 

About 30% of promotional activities on the Internet is connected with search engines. That is the main reason why search engines are essential in planning online marketing strategy. Thanks to search engines you have the opportunity to be found by targeted visitors. They want to reach to some information or products using keywords (that’s why it was so important to find right keywords which will provide you traffic).
Now, SEO algorithm was changed. Keywords and backlinks aren’t the most important anymore. There are other relevant things, which we should consider, for example: 
improving conversion rate, 
optimization for users,  
personal branding,
creating content for user engagement,
creating content connected with Social Media.
In conclusion, that you need to build a site that meets the needs of readers. Then the readers will come back to your site very quickly and it will help you to stay high in search engines results.