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Think globally, optimise locally: making the most of SEO

If you want to get to some group of people located in one country or in some specific region, you need to focus on geolocation optimization. It is a very easy way to target your traffic and it will improve your search engines results for sure. 

When you want to target your page to some specified region, the easiest way to do it is to include the location in your title tag. It can be the most important element of your local optimization. When someone wants to find something near his home, he will surely add to phrase his location during website’s searching. 
You can also (or instead) add your location to H1 heading. Another way, which is the most popular, is to add information about localization to the content of website. You can give your whole address.  Good idea is to add it also to your alt text on images and to URLs.
All those methods of your site’s local optimization are very helpful and effective in local searches. Implementing them will surely give you more targeted traffic. Visitors which are interested in your products will find you faster, what will increase your conversion and help you in lead monetization.