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New brand New possibilities

New Year starts with good information about changes in our affiliate program. We are pleased to inform you that PaydayMansion transformed into LeadsMansion and now is a part of a consortium LeadsMansion Group. Thanks to those changes we can expand our activities into new products and markets. In addition, we can negotiate better terms of cooperation with our partners, what improves financial results of our affiliates.

List of changes, which we have implemented since the New Year:

  • New Website – LeadsMansion - We have opened up for new industries and markets. It will be possible from now on to promote offers not only from the financial market thanks to group of new brands from LeadsMansion
  • Login system - PaydayMansion brand will be transformed to LeadsMansion, it will be connected with change of image, website address and login panel ultimately on LeadsMansion. For some time you can login by both domains – PaydayMansion and LeadsMansion. We encourage you to use the new page.
  • New email addresses - Since the New Year, Account Managers will be also available at email domains (updated contacts to AM are now available in the affiliate panel).
  • The verification process - Now the whole verification path will take place on website what will speed up the process.
  • New possibilities - We also plan to expand our activities on social networks, which will allow us to communicate faster with our partners, exchange opinions and better analyze markets.

We hope that the upcoming changes will give us chance for more effective cooperation and open up for new business opportunities in the New Year 2017.

Coming soon:

  • Mobile ApplicationThe possibility to download our mobile application.
  • New countries The possibility to generate traffic on new markets: Czech Republic, Spain, Canada.
  • New Industries The possibility to promote new products in industries: Insurance, Health, Sports, Tourism, Education and E-commerce.