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How your site's structure helps your SEO

The second important clue is connected with depth. The depth is the number of steps – clicks – which you need to make to reach to the deepest subpage of your website.  The lower the depth number is, the better place in search engine your website will get. High numbers of depth means deep website, which is less preferable than shallow one.  Visitors of your website have longer path to reach the information they need.

Third thing which can help you improve your website’s SEO performance is structuring your navigation parts correctly.  It will also help your site visitors. To improve your navigation you can use: 
  • External backlinks, which are links directing to your website from totally separate websites,
  • Internal backlinks, which are links connected between your own subpages. 
All those clues are useful in creating website. Implementing them could help your visitors finding the information they are looking for – exactly on your website, not on any other. When you will be building your website, remember about those SEO hints.