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SEO tips for 2016

When you think about your website optimisation for SEO and Google standards, you can’t forget about taking under account the behaviour of your visitors. Their behaviour on your page affect your position in Google. You may think about adding some social media buttons, like Share or Like, which will increase the popularity of your website in social media. It will also mean that your content is interesting for the visitors and they are keen to recommend your website to other internet users. You should also measure the hang time. If users spend more time on your websites than few seconds, that means they found what they were looking for. 


Good quality of content will increase traffic on your website and the omnipresent social media can easily help you with it. If you want to compete with other websites about the same topic, your content really needs to have good quality. You need to be focusing on some unique aspects of your content. Local and geo targeted traffic is better than general one. It is easier to select information and advertisement for your targeted group of visitors. 


You should check your Google keywords and think about some expansion of them. Set of similar words can be useful in this task. It can help you with traffic growth and make your content more interesting and easier to find by potential visitors and users. It will help the visitors to find your website when they will be using different phrases in search engines.