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Strenghten your online business strategy to get more leads

A lot does not mean well. 

This quote is connected with working with every affiliate program which you can possibly join. You should find few best programs and focus on working with them. When you will be focusing on many programs, you won’t be able to concentrate at your main tasks. 
Tracking is very important
If you have many websites you should follow the statistics. Thanks to that you will know which of your sites converts the best. You should create unique subaccounts or other tracking IDs to find out where your conversion is coming from. You should compare your tracking, commissions and campaigns – it will definitely help you.
You shouldn’t focus only on conversions. You should mostly take into account your visitors and the aim of their visit on your website. If clients will leave your website disappointed, they probably won’t come back again. People have to find things, which they are looking for. Important is to give your visitor a choice. If you are offering services or products, your customer needs choice between few brands. If visitor will find on your site only one option, he will probably start to look for some other site, just to compare the offers. That’s why it is so relevant to leave the choice to the client. 
Those hints are basic, but sometimes we can forget about the most important things, especially when we are paying attention to many websites and affiliate programs at the same time.