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Top tactics to help you get leads

You can try to increase your traffic by the SEO process. You can focus on improving SEO, researching keywords and promoting you website by search engines. Keywords optimization is important, specially when you want to make your traffic more targeted. 

It is very important to better know your visitors. You need to check their demographic, their interests, sometimes their location. It will help you in your websites optimization. Your site will become more interesting for specific group of people, which allows you to sell better quality leads to people, who want to buy some specific database, for example lenders. 

You should also make some analysis of your visitors. You should check how much time they spend on your site, unique visits, bounce rate, page views, number of completed lead forms and how often and in what moment the lead form is dropped off.

The most important is to check what in going good and what is going wrong. When one element is starting to fail, for example a number of dropped off forms increases, you need to check it and fix it as soon as possible. Perhaps the form is to long or there is some technical problem. You need to be prepared to every possibility if you don’t want to loose your viewers and of course convince others to visit your website again.