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Website design affects conversion

Visitors need to know where are the main information or actions, for which they came on your website.  If someone has to register, he need to see button like “Click here to start”. It can’t be just a small information below your page. If he will have to look for it for more than few seconds, he can resign. And you don’t want it, right?

Another important thing, which you can’t forget is connected with selling. Not only features of the product are important. People want to know what are the benefits of buying something. What they will get and how it will affect their life. How this product can make life easier and help the purchaser. Good expressions located in adequate parts of your site will increase value of your website. 
You also should definitely build your brand. Your site should look unique, have some special logotype or special look designed especially for you.  You need to go far from tens of similar websites. 
Those tips would be helpful when you will try to increase your conversion by improving design of your website.  You should think like the visitor who is looking for something. He should know on first sight where to find every information. Website needs to be clear and comfortable for the visitors.