What we offer

Our Affiliates always know exactly what we expect from ourselves and what is expected from them. This rule also works the other way round. We realize how much effort our Affiliates put into the promotion of our websites.

For this reason we provide them with our own solution, which helps them build their own powerful network of websites. Every day we keep our ear to the ground in the sectors of affiliate and online marketing, collecting information about online promotional techniques on a daily basis and assessing which traffic sources can bring more customers.

With this inflow of information and knowledge, we develop relevant promotional materials that can increase sales. Thanks to our competency and professionalism, we have a positive influence on their commission.

Online Help
& Friendly Support

Do you know why cranes travel in groups when they go to warmer lands where they wait for the end of winter?

They instinctively know that it would reduce air resistance and help them get to their destination faster than they all would alone. They instinctively know what team work is. And so do we.

Our Partners can always rely on our help and support system, which consists of helpdesk, promotional material and advice. We give you a hand as we want you to get more and more money from our programme.

Promo Tools Development

Online marketing is a challenging task...

It requires a lot of knowledge and creative promotional solutions that can bring good quality traffic, product sales and a high income for our Partners. With our internet marketing inventory, we are sharing our knowledge and creativity.

Landing Pages

You probably know a lot about how a website or landing pages should look and function.

Our tailor-made and optimised landing pages will meet your needs and requirements. Landing pages that PaydayMansion gives you will attract customers and increase the number of leads which we would later monetise and convert into your profits.

Verification System

Quality Verification: The whole traffic generated by our Partners is later examined to verify its quality.

What do we understand as ‘quality’? Briefly, quality of traffic is the number of genuine quotes from customers interested in buying a product or service that we currently sell through our programme.

Quotes have to contain correct contact details. We also check if these quotes are not generated in a way that our programme cannot accept.