Lead Programmes

If you ever experience any temporary financial troubles, you may find comfort in the fact that there are loans that can be obtained with virtually no effort on your part.

These are the so-called payday loans and they offer great benefits. Whether required to cover medical bills, school fees or car repairs, payday loans provide the fastest solution to temporary financial troubles. Customers can obtain them without even leaving their homes, via the Internet or mobile phone, and have the money they need within hours on their account.

This process is convenient and hassle-free and greatly facilitated by the PaydayMansion websites.

PaydayMansion also offers a unique payday loan affiliate programme intended for experienced webmasters who are provided with a range of innovative tools and solutions to help make their websites more effective and increase their profits. Thanks to the promo tools offered by our platform, you no longer need to worry about such aspects as design, programming or servicing. We will do all this for you, so that you may focus 100% on marketing your service.

Our affiliate platform provides all its Participants
with the highest quality service, including:

a wide choice of creative material to be used, including banners, landing pages, CMS to administer landing pages, articles, blogs, and much more;

a selection of optimised landing pages that will attract customers and increase the number of leads that will later be monetised and changed into your profits;

a quality verification system to ensure genuine quotes from customers;

+ online help and support.

The earning per lead is not fixed and depends on certain factors such as the quality of the lead, the accuracy of customer applications, etc. Of course, the higher the lead quality, the higher your earnings. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the best possible quality of your traffic.

PaydayMansion is constantly expanding and developing, always aiming at entering new markets. We’ve been working on the US market for quite a long time now, achieving excellent results thanks to both our service and the huge network of lenders.