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The most frequent questions

How do I get an invitation code?
We distributed a bunch of invitation codes to webmasters with whom we initiated our partnership programme. Webmasters interested in cooperation with us can receive an invitation code only from active webmasters who already work with PaydayMansion.
Why can’t I join your programme without the invitation code?
Our programme is exclusive and an invitation code is a must if you are interested in joining it. But we don’t want our doors to be closed for new members. We rely on recommendations from our webmasters who have already enlisted and are now making money with us. We believe that they have sufficient knowledge of skills of the webmasters they recommend.
What does ‘pay per lead’ mean?
‘Pay per lead’ is a rate of commission, expressed in USD, that we pay for all valid and monetised leads. So, ‘pay per lead’ means that you will be paid for all the generated leads after a positive verification and monetisation of your traffic.
What if I don’t want to accept the terms of your Affiliate Agreement?
If you do not accept them, we will not be able to start cooperation with you. You can always disagree with our Affiliate Agreement, but this means that we won’t be able to invite you to our team. If you already are our Affiliate and you declare that you don’t accept the Agreement, we will have no choice but to cease cooperation with you.
What are the requirements to get invited?
There are no specific requirements to receive an invitation code. But we strongly believe that new members have good skills in digital and Internet marketing. Affiliates should be able to generate good-quality traffic on dedicated landing pages, which we would monetise and later pay them commission. Of course, you have to be an adult to join our programme (in accordance with the legal regulations binding in your country).
Is your programme legal?
We act as a registered company and our programme is perfectly legal. We comply with all the laws that regulate all aspects of affiliate programmes and branches for which we generate leads. Also, we respect the code of conduct binding in specific industries (i.e. Best Practices of Online Lenders Alliance for online payday loan market, etc.).
For how long do we sign the Affiliate Agreement?
There is no end term to our Affiliate Agreement, and thus our programme is the most stable and predictable way to generate income. We provide the webmasters with the opportunity to expand their activities, which will lead to better traffic results and a higher commission, without the need to prolong the Agreement.
Do you take any commission fees for the traffic I would generate?
Yes, we do take a commission of 10% for all the traffic you generate. Most of the money we get for lead generation belongs to you since the biggest effort is yours.
What kind of help can a webmaster expect from you?
If you know e-marketing inside out and you want to join our programme, PaydayMansion.com will provide you with a large inventory of solutions which will help you spread your wings. You will receive landing pages, banners, and also a vast choice of SEO tools: articles and blogs. Best-performing webmasters will also be given additional solutions which will help them jump even higher. Another type of support we offer are newsletters which we distribute among Partners. In these newsletters we share the latest news from the market. This is a kind of market intelligence that we compile for our Partners.
Do you develop promotional strategies which would enhance traffic?
Yes, we have already developed a promotional strategy/model for our Affiliates. This, of course, changes in time, since Internet marketing evolves at a very fast pace. We have got a large inventory of marketing solutions for our Affiliates. In order to find out more about them, please visit our website, or join our programme.
What creative material do you offer to webmasters?
There is a great choice of creative material that we provide you free of charge. It includes banners, landing pages, CMS to administer landing pages, articles, blogs and much more.
What software do you offer to webmasters?
The main software solution offered to our webmasters is our mobile application that they can promote among their friends and distribute further, so they can generate traffic also using mobile devices. Another important piece of software is CMS that enables the webmasters to modify the contents of landing pages.
What types of traffic are accepted?
Generally we accept traffic comprising leads which we can later monetise without the risk that the information about the leads is incomplete, incorrect, generated or seized in a way we don’t allow.
What if I have traffic that is not clearly stated as acceptable or unacceptable?
There is no agreement or system that predicts absolutely all the situations that we might encounter in our lives. If something like this happens, we recommend contacting our team in order to resolve the problem. We will do our best to resolve the problem in order not to cause any loss to our Partner.
How frequent do you pay money to the Affiliates?
All transactions are cleared after the end of the hold period stated in the Affiliate Agreement. The hold period takes fourteen calendar days. But in some cases payments can be delayed due to the payment method chosen by our Affiliate. On the other hand, if you generate excellent traffic and earn impressive cash, you may be getting payments more frequently.
What earnings per month can I expect?
The answer to this question actually depends on how much time you can spend to develop your cooperation with us, but also on your actual acquisition of possible leads, as well as your knowledge of e-commerce, online marketing and data protection laws. You can earn as little as $1000, but you can also be getting $7000 or even $20 000 weekly. The better your skills and knowledge, the more we can do to help you earn big money.
Do I get money for recommending your affiliate programme to others?
Yes. You get an additional commission for leads that your friends and relatives invited to our programme generate. We simply link your affiliate ID with their subaffiliate ID and you can easily observe what traffic they generate, what earnings they have, and how much you earn thanks to their work.
How can I observe due earnings and generated traffic?
We provide you with applications that will generate reports showing all your statistics. You will know how much you will get and, what is very important in cooperation with us, you will know how to improve these statistics and your income.
How can I be sure that you will pay me?
We have never failed to pay the due commission to any of our Affiliates. We see benefits only in the long-term cooperation with people. We trust our Affiliates and expect the same from them. The first month of cooperation is the best opportunity to check our intentions, because we invest a lot of time and assets to introduce you into our business model. Also, there is a simple calculation: the more money you get, the more we get too.
How can I quit?
If you want to quit you just need to <a href="/contact">contact us</a>
When I quit what shall I do with all the landing pages and creative material?
You will be instructed what to do in further correspondence. We will most probably ask you to return all the materials or delete them from hard drives or other devices. Where there is some login information, we may ask you to delete it and we will change it in order to avoid any unauthorised access.