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  1. Website design affects conversion

    When you think about making website, first thing you plan is content. This strategy if fine, unless you won’t put the design in the last place. Worse can be only skipping it.

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  2. How your site's structure helps your SEO

    At the beginning of constructing your website you should think how you want to build it. You shouldn’t use the navigation types which are difficult and problematic, like Flash or JavaScript. You definitely should use navigation schemes which are based on XHTML and CSS. Those two navigation structures are easier to read by search engine spiders. This first step is especially important as you are thinking about building good website which will positively affect its SEO.

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  3. Affiliate marketing grows rapidly in the US every year

    Do you remember Internet marketing 10 or 15 years ago? If yes, you probably remember those websites with a clumsy design, graphics and layout. And faces of people who were proud and happy that they had an Internet connection at their homes. A lot has changed since that time, and the Internet as well as Internet marketing in no way resemble what we could have seen a decade ago.

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  4. Payday loan customer research - what conclusions are there for affiliate programmes?

    Financial crisis, high unemployment and lack of access to bank credits made millions of Americans turn to payday lenders. Who uses these loans that, at the first glance, are very expensive? According to Pew Charitable Trust Research conducted in 2012, twelve million Americans use payday loans at least once a year. On average, borrowers take eight loans of $375 and pay interest amounting to $520.

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  5. The payday loan market in the United States - changes in the regulation 2012

    The payday loan market in the United States is a place of very fiery competition to win new customers. There are well above ten thousand companies that lend money to physical persons and small and medium-sized companies. 99% of them do business in a very fair way. However, there are companies which give a bad name to payday loan providers, and they simply rip off the customers.

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